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Reminders for Great Easthall residents

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Monday 17 June, 2019.

We’re writing to households in Great Easthall to remind people what can and can’t go in their recycling. 

The 800 letters are being sent after a large number of properties on the estate were found to be putting non-recyclable items in their blue bins. 

The council’s waste contractors have been told not to collect bins that have been contaminated as this could lead to the entire lorry load being rejected at the waste transfer station. 

This would then need to be sent to landfill which costs more than twice as much (over £100 a tonne) than recycling. 

The letter thanks the majority who are getting it right and lists the kinds of items that can and can’t go into the blue bin. 

The most common items mistakenly put in the blue bin include:

To check what can and can’t be recycled, you can check our waste wizard.


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