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Recycling roadshows in Swale

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Thursday 14 December

Christmas recycling tips

We all have more rubbish at Christmas: whether it’s the remains of pulled crackers, extra food packaging from indulgent festive treats or the last bits of the turkey that you just can’t face. 

But what to do with it all? If you’re not sure what to put in which bin this Christmas, pop along to our recycling roadshows next week.

The roadshows are your chance to ask any recycling or rubbish questions, so you know you’re doing the right thing with your extra Christmas waste.

And that’s not all: as well as giving away information, we’ll be giving away compostable liners for your food waste bin and an extra clear recycling bag – to be put out next to your blue bin – to every person visiting our stands. 

Come and see us to pick up your extra bags and other freebies and make sure you’re all set for the Christmas season.

The recycling roadshows will be on: 

To find out about changes to recycling and refuse collection dates over the Christmas period, visit: You can also find the changes listed in the Winter issue of Inside Swale.

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