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Mayor's Office

Those members of our Council who are elected to the post of Mayor are proud of its traditions and zealous to preserve its privileges which have been acquired through many years.

The Mayor - "the Head and Chief Governor of the Town" - had for long been recognised as being, in his or her own Borough, second only to Royalty and the Queen's Deputy, the Lord Lieutenant, a status which continues to be recognised in the Borough and District Council by Section 3(4) of the Local Government Act 1972. This high standing at the present time is mainly one of honour and dignity rather than actual legal powers, a distinct contrast to the days before the Municipal Corporation Act 1835, when the Mayor was often virtually and legally a dictator within his own Borough.

The Mayor

Mayor of Swale Cllr Koffie Williams

Councillor Samuel Koffie-Williams is the Mayor of Swale for the civic year 2018-19.

Cllr Koffie Williams is a councillor for Murston in Swale and serves as a member of the Audit, Scrutiny and Licences Act Committee.

Samuel, who initially trained as a Banker, now works as an educator teaching Accounting, Business Economics, Enterprise and Finance in a local college. Having attained a B.Sc. in Business Management, M.Sc. in Education Management and a Fellow for the Institute For Learning (FiFL).

Aside from his Career in Education, he has an unrelenting passion for extending opportunities to young people, exploring and creating innovative ways of engaging and enhancing their potentials in the twenty first century. Over the years, he has displayed an unwavering conviction in his determination to address issues of social inequalities and the general enhancement of community cohesion. He is immensely generous with his time in supporting a range of charities and community projects, including ‘Making a Big Difference’, a charity he launched a couple of years ago supporting ‘Help for young heroes’.

In recognition of his generous contribution to his various communities he was awarded the ‘Freeman of the city of London‘.

He is a man of tremendous musicality. As an incredibly gifted choral musician, his zest and incomparable passion for singing has inspired many, both in his capacity as Music Director and as a chorister. Samuel has worked with a plethora of choirs including the 1885 Choral Society, the St. Barnabas Parish Church Choir in Dulwich village, the Freegard singers, Sittingbourne, the Morley College Choral Society, the Leoa Academic Choir, to name but a few.

He enjoys a quiet family life in Sittingbourne with his lovely wife and children.

The Mayor's chosen charities for 2018 to 2019 are MIND Mental Health, Fibromyalgia and Encore Music Project.

The Deputy Mayor

Cllr Ken Ingleton Deputy Mayor of Swale

Councillor Ken Ingleton is a Councillor for Sheppey Central and serves as a member of the Planning, Scrutiny and Standards Committees together with vice chairman of the Joint Transport Board with the Kent County Council. Cllr Ken Ingleton is also a member of the Lower Medway Internal Drainage Board which manages the surface water levels of the Medway Estuary.

Ken is an “Islander” living in one of the oldest houses in Minster, from a family rooted to Sheppey for many generations, educated on The Island and trained as a construction engineer and reverting back to Agriculture as final occupation prior to retirement in 2009. He has been married to ‘Mick’, who also is from Minster, for over fifty years, both sharing an interest in their daughter and their dogs and horses.

Ken has been involved with the local community for most of his life, starting with the Scouts of which he is now the District Chairman. Also as a member of the Sheppey Round Table and now of the Rotary Club of Minster-on-Sea. He has been a member of the Conservative Party since 1964 and is currently President of the Sittingbourne and Sheppey Association.

Having been first elected to Swale Borough Council in 1979 and served as Mayor of Swale in 1986/87 he left the Council in 1990 to become the first Chairman of the New Swale Housing Association, returning to the Council in 1992 for a further four years. Work responsibilities prevented standing for re-election, however he continued to work toward the reinstatement of Minster Parish Council, which was lost in 1964 with the re-organisation of Sheppey Councils, Minster-on-Sea Parish Council was restarted in 2001 with Ken as its Chairman, a role which he has continued.

Ken is also the first chairman of The Island Learning Academy, a Sheppey based Academy including Minster and Halfway primary schools. He is also a Trustee of both Friendship House and of Thistle Hill Community Centre.

His main hobby is in the research and recording of local history, on which he gives presentations to schools and various groups, radio and television. He is also trustee of Minster Gatehouse Museum, Blue Town Heritage Centre and Eastchurch Aviation Museum and has recently become part of Historic Swale, which has been formed to assist Swale Museums and Heritage Groups to provide a good quality product that enriches the quality of life for the residents and visitors to Swale. 

Further information

Get in touch with our Civic office by email or call 01795 417392.

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The Mace, Chain and Badge of Office

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