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Littering prosecutions

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Tuesday, 12 February

Littering prosecutions brought by Swale Borough Council

Five people are more than £1,500 out of pocket between them, after prosecutions for littering brought by Swale Borough Council.

Medway Magistrates Court heard the cases on Thursday 07 February.

The cases are listed below. The offenders were all sentenced in their absence.

Mr Wellard was given a larger penalty as this was not his first littering offence.

Cllr David Simmons, cabinet member for environment and rural affairs at the council, said “We have the power to issue on the spot fines to people in Swale who are inconsiderate enough to drop litter in a public place. Residents have the right to live in clean and tidy neighbourhoods, and the council will always take strong measures against anti-social behaviour. In one of the cases in question, the gentleman will be paying over £400 after a repeat offence, because he didn’t feel inclined to use one of the numerous waste bins located around the borough. The simple solution is not to drop the litter in the first place.” 


Mr David O’Neill of 3 Kent Avenue, Minster on Sea 

£100 fine, £50 contribution to costs and £30 victim Surcharge - Totalling £180


Miss Sarah French of 29 Premier Way, Sittingbourne  

£150 for fine, £205 costs and £30 Victim Surcharge – Totalling £385


Mr Gavin Forster of 93 Queensway, Sheerness  

£150 for fine, £205 costs and £30 Victim Surcharge – Totalling £385


Miss Carol Baverstock of Brambles, Billet Lane, Eastchurch

£100 fine, £50 contribution to costs and £30 Victim Surcharge – Totalling £180 


Mr Derek Wellard of 120 Chalkwell Road, Sittingbourne received an increased fine due to his previous conviction for littering  

£200 fine, £205 costs and £30 Victim Surcharge – Totalling £435

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