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Information on the licences that we issue

The Licensing Department are responsible for issuing licenses relating to Alcohol and Entertainment, Gambling, Sex Establishments, Street Collections and House to House Collections.

The Service Unit surveys premises and following close liaison with the Police, Fire Brigade and the Council's Community and Environmental Services Directorate, enforces the Council's Licensing and Gambling Policies, copies of which are available free of charge on request. The Policies cover general safety and management, including hours of opening, fire hazards, and provision for disabled people.

Promotional or charity stands

Swale Borough Council does not currently licence town centre display areas. This means we cannot give permission for them to be set up in the borough.

We would encourage anyone considering this activity to consider the following guidance.

Town centre display areas

The council receives numerous requests asking for permission to site promotional and charity stands within the town centres. However, as no sale is taking place, this is not covered by the Licensing legislation and there is no requirement currently for a permit.

The council wishes to encourage better regulation of these activities/stands and is currently considering introducing a policy to achieve this.

In the interim period, other than to note the presence where we receive notification, the council will not give any permission to any organisation wishing to locate themselves in Swale’s town centres for such purposes.

If you are proposing to locate your stand on highways land (roads/pavements), email Kent Highways.

It is suggested that organisers might like to make contact with the Market Managers to see if their stands could be accommodated as part of the market. The markets in all three town centres make space available for charitable organisations.

Anyone considering siting a stall in these areas should be aware that there can be moving traffic and organisers should ensure that in it is positioned in a way that minimises the impact of vehicles and that people manning the stall take necessary steps to ensure safety at all times, for themselves and people visiting the stall.

Street Trading Consent

Read more information about Swale Borough Council's Street Trading Consent including when to apply and how to appeal against an application decision.

Taxi fares

Read more information about the fares you'll be charged for travelling in a licensed Taxi in Swale.

EUGO initiative

Find out about all the licences which come under the EUGO Initiative.

Licences and fees

About Alcohol including the Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme (AWRS), Gambling, Street Trading and Sex Establishment licences and a list of related forms and fees.

Street collections

Permits are only required if you plan to carry out a street collection in a public area.

House to house collections

House to House collections are regulated by Swale and you must apply for a permit to make a collection in this area.

Taxi licensing and fees

Information on taxi licensing, how to apply and fairs for passengers and taxi drivers.

Small lottery registrations

Information about registering and paying for a gambling or small lottery licence.

Current Premises Licence applications

Guide to making a representation for a licence
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