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Green bin - refuse

Waste Wizard search

You can use our Waste Wizard tool to search for things you can put in your household waste including your recycling and garden waste.

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Green bins and black sacks

Yes please

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If you have any amount of excess refuse, it will not be taken by the bin men.

Lids must be closed on the bins in order for the bin men to take and empty.

Other items

We'll monitor your feedback daily to update the following list and give you alternatives for those trickier items:

Item What to do with it
Printer ink cartridges These can be disposed of at any Household Waste Recycling Centre




If you're unsure about a particular item, complete the form at the bottom of this page ("was this information helpful?") and we'll monitor your comments and put the most relevant ones into this table together with a way of disposing of the item.

Small electrical items

You can recycle small electrical items, such as radios, toasters, kettles, hair dryers, food mixers, drills, laptops etc. Any item larger than a standard size carrier bag will not be collected. We cannot take any larger items as space is limited on the collection vehicle. For larger items, including televisions and computer screens, you should arrange a bulky item collection.

Not sure of how to put them out for collection? Follow these steps:

  1. put your electrical items one standard sized carrier bag (only one carrier bag per collection for small electrical items)
  2. tie up the bag
  3. place the bag next to your green waste bin or black sacks on collection day


To dispose of batteries, place these in a tied up carrier bag and place on top of your green bin lid - not inside the bin! You can fill up to one carrier bag per collection for batteries.

 No car batteries

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