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Food waste

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You can use our Waste Wizard tool to search for things you can put in your household waste including your recycling and garden waste.

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What can I put in the food waste bin?

The following items can go in the food waste bin:

What can’t I put in the food waste bin?

The following items can't go in the food waste bin:

If you have any amount of excess food waste, it will not be taken by the bin men. For larger families an additional bin can be requested by phoning Customer Services on 01795 417888.

What happens to the food waste when it is collected?

Food waste is taken to a processing plant in Kent where it will be mixed with other organic waste and sent for composting which results in a rich fertilizer that is used on agricultural land.

Do I need to line the containers?

No, you can put the food in loose once it is removed from all packaging, however if you wish to line the silver kitchen caddy you can use newspaper, kitchen towel or compostable bags. Compostable bags can be made of paper or corn starch. Please do not use plastic bags as they will not break down in the composting process. We won’t be able to collect food waste if it is presented in plastic bags.

Some plastic bags are described as biodegradable. However, this means they will break down but no specific time period is stipulated. The plastic particles will never rot away completely, so are not accepted in composting.

Compostable bags are marked as 100% compostable and are available in most supermarkets and local retailers.

Can I still use my home compost bin?

Yes of course. We encourage home composting for garden waste, uncooked fruit and vegetable peelings, tea bags, coffee granules, egg shells, vacuum cleaner contents, herbivorous animal bedding and shredded paper.

  • Food wrapped in compostable bags, kitchen towel or newspaper
  • Pet food
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