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Electoral register reminder

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Thuirsday 4 October

Thousands of reminders sent to voters

More than 15,000 local households are being sent reminder letters to make sure their details on the electoral register are correct.

Swale Borough Council is legally required to compile an accurate and up to date register of electors each year.

The council wrote to 51,400 in August asking them to check the details on an enclosed household enquiry form (HEF) were correct.

People simply need to confirm the details are correct, either online, by phone or by post, using the unique security codes on the form.

If someone is missing from the form they will need to register to vote – the easiest way is online - but will still need to respond to the HEF so the council knows who is living at the address.

The mail out did not include the 10,059 households who confirmed their details electronically over the summer. These were among 24,000 local households that had provided an email addresses when registering to vote, and were emailed to confirm their details were up to date. Those that didn’t respond received the paper form as usual.

So far, a total of 46,456 households have responded, and the council has written to 15,699 who hadn’t responded by 24 September.

To save time and money it is helpful if people respond to the HEF as soon as possible and no later than 12 October to avoid receiving a house visit.

Anyone wanting to have the chance to confirm their details online next year simply needs to enter their email address on the HEF and return it in the prepaid envelope, or respond online following the instructions on the form

To find out more, visit our all about voting page.

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