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Blue bin - recycling

Waste Wizard search

You can use our Waste Wizard tool to search for things you can put in your household waste including your recycling and garden waste.

Recycle plastic items from around the home

Blue bins and clear sacks (mixed recycling)

Every other week

Yes please

No thanks

If you have any amount of excess recyclables that won't fit in your blue bin, place them alongside your blue bin in carrier bags or cardboard boxes. Please do not place these carrier bags inside your blue bin.

Lids must be closed on the bins in order for the bin men to take and empty.

*We will collect small electrical items for recycling along with your green bin. See our Green bin information page for details of what we will and won't collect.

Textile collections

Alongside your blue bin you can recycle your old clothes, shoes, sheets, curtains and towels. Even those that are no longer wearable. Not sure of how to put them out for collection? Follow these steps:

Please do not put any clothes or textiles inside your bin! We are unable to collect pillows and duvets or any items with a filling in.

Remember it's only one standard carrier bag per collection, if textiles are placed in to charity collection bags, it won't be collected. But feel free to continue to support your local charities by donating good quality items.

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