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Salting and gritting

Information about salting the road in icy conditions.


School admissions

How do you apply for a school place. (External link to KCC)


School governors

How do I become a school governor.


School performance and standards

Find out about how schools performance is measured. (External link to Ofsted)


School transport

How do apply for school transport. (External link to KCC)



Information on school education. (External link to KCC)


Sea defences

Find out about costal protection in Swale.


Seafront or promenade issues

Report an issue with a seafront or promenade


Secondary schools

Information on secondary schools in Kent. (External link to KCC)


Self employment

Information and support for new businesses. (External link to



Information and reporting on drains and sewers. (External link to KCC)



Find out about the sewers and their maintenance. (External link to KCC)


Sexual health clinics

Help and advice about sexual health. (External link to the NHS)


Sheltered housing

Information about preventing homelessness


Small businesses

Help and support for small businesses.



Information on the smoking ban in England.


Snow clearance

Who clears the roads of snow and how. (External link to KCC)


Social care

Find out about social care services. (External link to KCC)


Social services

Find out about children's social services. (External link to KCC)


Special educational needs and additional support

Find out about special and additional education. (External link to KCC)


Special schools

Find out about special schools and how to apply. (External link to KCC)


Speed limits

Information about speed limits on the roads. (External link to


Sports and recreation facilities

Where are the leisure centres in Swale.


Sports grounds

What sports grounds are there in Swale.


Street cleaning

When is my street next being cleaned.


Street lighting

Find out about street lighting in Swale.


Street naming and numbering

Information on street naming and numbering.


Street trading licences

Licences for street trading.


Student grants

Find out about grants for staying in education. (External link to KCC)


Studies and qualifications (post-16)

Find out about higher education in Kent. (External link to KCC)



Find out about swimming pools in Swale.

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