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Parish councils

Information on the parish councils.



Information on parking in Swale.


Parking bays

Find out about the car parks in the borough.


Parking fines

About parking penalty changes.


Parks and gardens

About Swale's parks and open spaces.



Find out about the maintenance of pavements in Kent. (External link to KCC)


Pay for a pleasure boat licence

Pay for a pleasure boat licence


Pay for a sex establishment licence

Pay for sex establishment licence


Pay for a street trading licence

Pay for a street trading licence


Pay for an alcohol and entertainments licence

Pay for an alcohol and entertainments licence


Pedestrian crossings

How to use pedestrian and cycle crossings.


Performance indicators

Find our monthly performance monitoring statistics.


Pests and pest control

Information on pest control and how to deal with pests.


Planning (town and country)

How do we plan our town development.


Planning applications

Find our planning applications, appeals and decisions.



What play areas are there in Swale.



Kent police are responsible for law and order in Swale. (External link to Kent Police)


Political parties

Find out about democracy in Swale.



Information about pollution and what can be done.


Ports and harbours

Information on the ports and harbours in Swale.


Postal voting

About how to vote in Swale including postal voting.


Pot holes (roadway)

Report a pothole in the road. (External link to KCC)


Pre-school learning

Information on pre-schools and playgroups. (External link to KCC)


Primary schools

Information on primary schools in Kent. (External link to KCC)



Find out more about the prison service. (External link to the Ministry of Justice)


Privacy and data protection

Find out about data protection relating to benefits.


Private rented accommodation

Information on private rented accommodation.


Proxy voting

All about voting including proxy voting.


Public footpaths

Information on countryside footpaths. (External link to KCC)


Public health

Find out information about public health. (External link to the NHS)


Public libraries

Information on public libraries in Swale.


Public meetings

Information on public meetings in Swale.


Public transport

Find out about the roads and public transport in Kent. (External link to KCC)

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