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Hall booking

Pay for a hall booking


Halls for hire

Hire a council owned hall in Swale.



Find out about harbours in Swale.



Find out about health and well-being.


Health and safety at work

About health and safety in the workplace.


Health and safety training

Find out about health and safety training.


Health care

Information on health care. (External link to the NHS)


Health visitors

Information about health visitors. (External link to the NHS)


Hearing impairment

Information about hearing impairment. (External link to the NHS)



What to do about problem high hedges.


High hedge complaint payment

Make a payment for a high hedge complaint



Find out about highways in Swale.


Historic buildings

Find out about historic buildings in Kent. (External link to KCC)


Holiday accommodation

Looking for holiday accommodation in Swale, find out where to stay. (Link to Visit Swale)



Are you being made homeless, find out what advice you can get.



Find more information on illegally grazed horses.


House to house collections

Information on licensing for house to house collections.


Household waste collection

When is my rubbish next being collected.


Houses in multiple occupation

What is an HMO and how to report it.



Advice on a number of housing issues in Swale.


Housing advice services

Our housing options team provides advice and assistance on all housing issues.


Housing allocation

Find out about the housing register.


Housing benefit

Find out about housing benefit.


Housing exchanges and transfers

Find out about the Kent Homechoice scheme.


Housing finance

Find out about housing finance.


Housing grants

Are you eligible for a housing grant or loan.



How clean is your home. (External link to NHS)

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