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Family history

Find out how to apply for a copy of a certificate. (External link to KCC)


Family support

Information on family support. (External link to KCC)


Fire and rescue services

Find out about Kent Fire and Rescue Service. (External link to Kent Fire.)


Fire prevention

Information on fire prevention. (External link to Kent Fire.)


Flea control

Find out about fleas and how to deal with them.



Find out what to do in a flood.


Fly posting

Find out about fly posting.



Information on fly tipping and how to deal with it.


Food hygiene

Information about food hygiene in commercial properties.


Food hygiene course

Pay for a food hygiene course


Food safety training

Find out about organisations how do food safety training.


Foot bridges

Information about bridges including footbridges. (External link to KCC)


Footpaths (rights of way)

Information about bridges including footbridges. (External link to KCC)



Information on fostering a child and how to do it. (External link to KCC)


Freedom of information

All about freedom of information.


Fridge recycling

About the bulky collection service.


Further education colleges

About higher education courses and colleges in Kent.

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