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Find out about dance clubs in Swale.


Day care

Information on day care services. (External link to KCC)



Find out how to register a death in the county. (External link to the KCC website.)


Debt advice services

Information on debt advice for tenants.



Acronyms and their definitions


Democracy and elections

Find out about democracy and elections in Swale.


Demolition (buildings)

Find out about building demolitions.


Development control

Find advice and guidance on development proposals.



Useful information for disabled people.


Disabled badges (parking)

Find out about parking badges for disabled people.


Disabled parking

Find out about parking for disabled people.


Disabled parking permits

Find out about parking permits for disabled people.


Dog litter bins

Report a problem with a dog waste bin including vandalism.


Dog warden schemes

Information on the dog control and the warden scheme.


Domiciliary care

Find out about domiciliary care. (External link to KCC)


Drainage and sewerage

Information on drainage and how to report a problem. (External link to KCC)


Dropped kerbs

Information on how to get a kerb dropped.


Drugs use and abuse

How to get help for drug misuse. (External link to NHS)


Dumped rubbish

Information on fly tipping and how to deal with it.


Dustbin collection

When is my wheelie bin next collected.

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