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Find out about the seafront in Swale.


Bed bugs and mites

Information on bed bugs and how to deal with them.



Information on the control of bees.



Find out about the benefits that may be available to you.


Benefits advice services

Where can you go for advice about benefits.


Benefits fraud

About benefit fraud and what you can do about it.


Best Value

View our Commissioning and Procurement page.



Find out information about your bins, what goes in them and reporting a missed bin collection.



All births must be registered. find out how. (External link to KCC)


Blocked drains and sewers

Find out about road maintenance including blocked drains.


Blue badge scheme

Find out about the blue badge scheme and disabled parking.



About bonfires and what you can do if they are a nuisance.


Book a bulky collection

Bulky collection of larger items that won't fit in your bin



About the bridges in Kent. (External link to KCC.)



Find out about countryside access including bridleways. (External link to KCC.)


Building alterations

Is planning permission required for alterations to my building.


Building control services

About the building control service and what it does.



About listed buildings in Swale.



About the cemeteries and churchyards in Swale including burials.


Bus fares

Find out about bus fares in Swale. (External link to the Arriva website.)


Bus lanes and corridors

About travel by bus in Kent. (External link to KCC)


Bus passes

Find out about the concessionary bus pass scheme. (External link to KCC)


Bus routes

Information about the bus routes in Kent. (External link to KCC)


Bus stops and shelters

About the bus shelters in Swale.


Bus timetables

Information about the bus timetables in Kent. (External link to KCC)



Travelling by bus in Swale. (External link to KCC)


Business and industry

About doing business in Swale.


Business opportunities

Find out about tendering opportunities with the Council.


Business rates

What are business rates or non-domestic rates.



Find out about bylaws in Swale.

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