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Abandoned vehicles

What is an abandoned vehicle and what to do about them.


Abnormal loads (road transport)

Find the rules on abnormal loads on the roads. (External link to KCC)


Access for disabled people

Find out about Swale's intention to improve social inclusion for disabled people.


Accident prevention

Find out how to prevent accidents. (External link to the RoSPA)


Accidents at work

About accidents in the workplace and how to report them. (External link to the Health and Safety Executive)



Acronyms and their definitions



About addictions and how to deal with it. (External link to the NHS)


Adult and community education

Find out about adult education. (External link to KCC)


Adult and community education centres

Find out about adult education centres in Swale.


Air pollution

What is air pollution and how does it affect me.


Alcohol use and abuse

About the misuse of alcohol and what the signs are. (External link to the NHS)



What are allotments and how do I get one.


Animal fouling

Dog is illegal. Find out more about it.


Animal licences

Information and forms about animal licensing.


Animal rights and welfare

Information on animal welfare.



Find out about animals and their protection. (External link to the RSPCA.)


Ant control

About garden ants and how to control them.



All about archaeology in Kent. (External link to KCC.)


Arts development

About arts in Swale.



Find out about the risks associated with asbestos in houses.

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