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Sheerness town council approved

Wednesday 27 June

Review leads to new town council for Sheerness

Swale Borough Council has agreed to set up a new town council for Sheerness.

The decision was made after a community governance review was requested by 635 local people last summer.

A consultation document was sent to 7,995 electors and 987 properties where no-one was on the electoral register in January. This suggested support for a town council, which prompted Swale council to agree to a second consultation on the recommendation that a town council be set up from May 2019, and it would have nine councillors.

The responses to the second consultation were against the setting up of a town council, so the results of both consultations were presented to the full council meeting on 13 June, where councillors debated the results before voting to set up a town council.

The next step in the community governance review is for a reorganisation order to be made to set up the town council, with nine councillors who will be elected next May.

Anyone interested in standing for the town council, will need to complete nomination forms nearer the time of the elections, but information about standing can be found on the Electoral Commission website.

For more information, visit our Sheerness community governance review page. 

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