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Sex establishment policy consultation

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Tuesday 14 August

Help update policy towards sex establishments

Local people are being asked for their views on the future of sexual entertainment venues, sex shops and sex cinemas across Swale.

We are running a consultation on our draft sex establishment policy that sets out how we control and regulate businesses involved in these activities.

We approved a sex establishment policy in 2010 after new legislation gave us the ability to control and regulate sexual entertainment venues such as lap dancing or pole dancing clubs. This policy is now being reviewed and updated.

There is only one sex establishment in Swale, but should there be another application, this policy will act as a guide for both the applicant and anyone making a representation against it.

The responsibility for agreeing policy for sex establishments falls within the remit of the council’s licensing committee, who will use the final policy to decide on whether any applications for sex establishments will be granted a licence.

Cllr Cameron Beart, chair of the licensing committee, said:

"Our current policy dates back to 2010, so we felt it was time to take another look and see if it needs to be refreshed.

"We want to hear what members of the public think about the draft policy, which sets out the scope for what a sex establishment would need to do to be granted a licence in the borough.

"We are proposing that we judge each case on its merits, but with robust guidance that considers things like the proximity to other sensitive premises, visibility and the effect customers would have on the area around the venue."

The consultation runs until Friday, 7 September, and responses to can be made by email or post to Licensing, Swale Borough Council, Swale House, East Street, Sittingbourne ME10 3HT.

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