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2019 electoral register update

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Wednesday 3 July, 2019

The annual update of the electoral register will start soon. We'll be asking you to confirm the details of those at your address who are eligible to vote.

What happens

The electoral register update will take part in two stages:

  1. online canvass – if you’ve provided an email, we’ll be asking you to check your details from the week beginning Monday 15 July
  2. household enquiry forms – if you haven’t provided an email, or don’t respond to our online canvass, you will be sent a form between late August and early September

We'll contact you when it's your turn to confirm your details.

Online canvass

If you've given us your email address in the past, when you've registered to vote or completed other electoral forms, we'll contact you by email between Monday 15 July and Friday 19 July. 

You'll need to respond online by visiting and entering the two codes provided to you in the email. You'll then be asked to confirm your details.

You won't be asked for sensitive information like bank account or passport details.

If you don't respond online before Sunday 28 July, we'll send you a form by post between late August and early September.

Household enquiry forms

If you don’t complete the online canvass, we'll send you a form, called a household enquiry form, by post between late August and early September. You'll receive the form if you:

The form includes details of ways to confirm your details by post, phone or email.

You'll need to send us your completed household enquiry form by Wednesday, 19 September.

Posting your form

If you've received a household enquiry form and you want to confirm your details by post, you'll need to post the completed form to:

If you don't respond

It is a legal requirement to provide the information we're requesting during the electoral register update. If you don't you could face a fine.

If you've haven't responded to requests to update your details online, by post, phone or email, by Wednesday 19 September, you'll receive a reminder.

If you still don't respond, you'll receive a house visit between October and November.

Reporting a suspicious email

If you think that you've received a suspicious email regarding the 2019 electoral register update, please contact

It is a legal requirement to provide the information requested, and if you don't you could face a fine. It also costs money to send reminders and carry out visits to get responses, so by replying quickly, you’re helping save council tax payers money.

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