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Art at the Centre is a pioneering scheme funded by Swale Borough Council, Arts Council South East and Kent County Council. It seeks to embed creativity within regeneration practice across the region, engaging artists to develop projects and community events in the heart of key projects across the Borough. Art at the Centre aims to contribute to regeneration teams that cut across Council departments, as well as the public, private and voluntary sectors, with a belief that sustainable regeneration needs to invest in people as much as places


Ghost by Adam Chodzko 2010

The thinking behind the Art at the Centre project is discussed in this piece of writing by lead artist Nicole Mollett.

Can great art and community engagement co-exist?


Running the Tide, film still by Jim Allchin


My Grandfathers' Stories - Julie Bradshaw


Room the art at the centre Mobile Space

Art at the Centre Aims


Aim 1:

To develop an exemplary model of how art can become an integral part of the regeneration process.


Aim 2:

To stimulate involvement and engagement of local communities in the regeneration process


Aim 3:

To establish a greater reputation for quality art (both public art and arts activities)


Aim 4:

To facilitate and enhance artists’ collective presence as a creative industry


Aim 5:

To recognise and capture the existing qualities and identity of the area


Aim 6:

To forge partnerships and create networks